The Queens College Art Center strives to serve as a resource for CUNY-generated initiatives, both in and outside of the classroom, to offer emerging artists a space to experiment and grow, and to foster interdisciplinary partnerships founded in the arts — all, always, with a spirit of openness and inclusivity.  Above all else, Art Center programming aims to encourage visitors to ask questions—of themselves, of the featured artists and exhibitions, and of one another—as well as to consider a perspective outside of their own, even if only for the short time that they join us in the gallery.

The QC Art Center is open from Monday through Friday; 9AM-5PM. The Art Center schedule reflects the academic calendar. It is closed during recesses and holidays.

To this end, the QC Art Center offers 3-5 free and public exhibitions per year, with support from the Kupferberg Center for the Arts at Queens College.

For more information please email us: