Venue Rentals

Kupferberg Center rentals serves its community through a year-round rental operation that provides facilities and a professional staff for independent regional, national, and international presenters and producers, and for school graduations, church assemblies, and dance school recitals. The two venues available for rental are Colden Auditorium and LeFrak Concert Hall.

All prices below are subject to change.


(Please note that all parties interested in renting Colden Auditorium and LeFrak Concert Hall must first complete and submit an application form)

The Basic Rental fee for the 2100 seat Colden Auditorium is $5250. The fee for the 489 seat LeFrak Concert Hall is $2500

. The Basic Rental Package includes the following services:

  • House Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Usher staff
  • Ticket takers
  • Custodial services
  • Building engineer
  • Heating or air conditioning, as available
  • Use of house curtain
  • Basic non-dim white light on-stage
  • Free patron parking (if client purchases security guard for lot)

The BASIC fee outlined above is based on a five-hour rental period (maximum performance time of three hours). The load-in, set up of all equipment, performance, strike, and load-out of all equipment must take place within this five-hour period. Additional time can be purchased if necessary.

Special rental packages can be arranged to suit your particular needs. Please call Michael Kelleher at (718) 570-0927 for more information.


Deposits of $4,000 for Colden Auditorium and $2,500 for LeFrak Concert Hall are due upon the signing of a contract for a performance date.

The deposits are broken down as follows:

  1. $3,000 non-refundable rental deposit for Colden Auditorium; $1,500 rental deposit for LeFrak Concert Hall
  2. $1,000 security/overtime deposit (for either venue), which will be fully refunded after the performance only if licensee incurs no additional costs or fees.  The licensee must end the event by the end of the specified event time and vacate  the premises by the end of the specified rental period.

Payment of the balance of the rental fee and any additional services is due five days prior to the performance date.

All payments must be made with cash, money order, or certified check only. Fees paid for one event are not transferable to another date and deposits are non-refundable.


A – Tickets MUST be printed for all events that take place in Colden Auditorium or LeFrak Concert Hall. The Colden Auditorium box office is required to print all tickets. Tickets will not be ordered without a signed contract. ALL EVENTS MUST HAVE TICKETS, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Box Office Fees:
Colden Auditorium- $250

LeFrak Concert Hall- $150

B – All renters of Colden Auditorium and LeFrak Concert Hall must provide suitable insurance coverage of $1 million liability and property damage, as well as workers compensation insurance. Kupferberg Center Rentals requires receipt of a correct certificate of insurance when the rental deposit is paid. Please call for information. ALL EVENTS MUST HAVE INSURANCE, NO EXCEPTIONS!

C – A concession stand and 6-foot tables are available for clients to sell food or merchandise during their rental period for $250 per table (concession stand is also $250). Table where nothing is sold (information tables, mailing list sign-up) are free of charge. The venue house manger will have final say over the placement of tables, number of tables used and appropriateness of items for sale. Alcohol sales are prohibited.


The Colden Auditorium box office is equipped to handle all preconcert ticket sales for Colden Auditorium and LeFrak Concert Hall, if so desired. The office accepts most major credit cards for ticket orders, and will take orders over the phone or at the window. Personal checks are not accepted within 2 weeks of the event date.

TELEPHONE: 718-793-8080

Box Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM and starting 1 hour before performance time.

If the box office is used as a ticket selling location for your event, you may list the hours and telephone number on promotional materials. Box office service commission on ALL tickets sold through Colden Auditorium box office including unpaid reservations…..5%

All sold tickets will incur a $1.00 ticket facility fee. The licensee can include this fee in their ticket prices (i.e. a $51 ticket will generate $50.00 in ticket income and a $1.00 facility fee), or licensee can charge $50 for the same ticket and pay the facility fee out of their final settlement.  Facility fees will not be included in gross ticket income.  There will be no facility fee on unsold tickets, and no one will be admitted to any venue with an unsold ticket.  Any ticket(s) consigned to the licensee can be returned to the Kupferberg Center box office by 2 business days before the event, at 12 noon.  Any consigned ticket not returned at that point will be considered “sold”, and that/those ticket(s) will incur the $1.00 facility fee.

On the night of performance, all ticket sales are conducted through the box office. The box office will open one hour before performance time, and will be staffed with Colden Auditorium box office personnel. Absolutely no one other than Colden Auditorium box office personnel are permitted to enter the box office.

Within three business days following the event, a box office report is prepared indicating how many tickets were sold in each price category, and the total ticket revenue. Box office revenue cannot be accessed the night of the performance nor will box office revenue be used to pay any portion of the Rental Expenses. A check will be issued within ten (10) days of receipt of signed settlement.


A. Additional Services:
Following is a list of additional services available from Kupferberg Center Rentals. These charges are in addition to the basic rental fee.

Additional rental time: The basic rental is 5 hours, which includes set-up, performance and load-out. There is an hourly charge for the use of any of the facilities beyond the basic rental. Any additional time must be agreed upon in writing by Kupferberg Center Rentals no less than 5 business days prior to the event.

Additional set-up, rehearsal or load-out time per hour or part thereof $300.00/hr. (no front of house/technical personnel included, no audience present)

Additional performance time, if arranged in advance is assessed in 15 minute increments (security not included) $200/15min.

Additional performance time arranged at the performance is assessed in 15 minute increments (security not included) $250/15min.

B. Security

Security guard service (5 hour minimum) each guard $35.00/hour
(NOTE: 15 guards are required by Kupferberg Center Rentals for all performances.
1 guard must be in the building at load-in)

C. Technical costs for Colden Auditorium

Use of Steinway concert grand piano (fully tuned) $300.00
Use of Knabe baby grand piano (fully tuned) $200.00
Use of black legs & traveler $150.00
Use of risers $$30/each
Use of individual band risers $ 30.00ea
Use of Marley Dance Floor $400.00
Fog/stage smoke fire alarm technician $200.00
Colden Auditorium fog machine with fire alarm technician $300.00
Use of costume steamer with wardrobe person $175.00
Use of lighting system:
Lighting control board for standard hanging plot (includes operator) for 5 hours $625.00
Followspot and operator for 5 hours $325.00
Additional focusing lighting units $5/per unit
Use of P.A. sound system:
Public Address system with operator and 1 microphone (for 5 hrs.) $250.00
Additional Microphones $ 30.00 per/mic.
Wireless microphone $100.00/each
Cassette tape deck $ 50.00
CD player (5 disc) $ 50.00
(NOTE: 5 mic. maximum with this system, 6 or more mics. requires 24 channel system)
Use and operation of 24 channel sound system:
mixer, power amps, up to (4) monitor wedges in (2) mixes, speakers, and 5 microphones $800.00
Additional microphones $ 30.00per/mic.
Two sound technicians (requirement) $ 35.00per/hr each
Additional technical personnel $ 35.00per/hr each
(NOTE: All technical equipment listed above is to be operated by Kupferberg Center Rentals personnel only). Prices are per performance unless otherwise stated
D. LeFrak Technical Costs
Lighting control board for standard hanging plot (includes operator) for 5 hours $525.00
Followspot and operator for 5 hours $275.00
Use of risers $30/each
3-way sound system with 24 channel Soundcraft board, 1 microphone   $350.00
Additional microphones $3025/each
Use of Steinway Concert Grand Piano (tuned) $300.00
Wireless microphones $100.00 each
Cassette tape deck $50.00
CD player $50.00
(NOTE: All technical equipment listed above is to be operated by Kupferberg Center Rentals personnel only)Prices are per performance unless otherwise stated

E. Space Usage
Goldstein Theatre (adjacent to Colden Auditorium) TBD

Use of outdoor electronic marquee to publicize event. Prices vary depending on client requirements. Please contact us for specific information.