The Queens College Art Center strives to serve as a resource for CUNY-generated initiatives, both in and outside of the classroom, to offer emerging artists a space to experiment and grow, and to foster interdisciplinary partnerships founded in the arts—all with a spirit of openness and inclusivity. Above all else, Art Center programming aims to encourage visitors to ask questions—of themselves, of the featured artists and exhibitions, and of one another—as well as to consider a perspective outside of their own, even if only for the short time that they experience the art.

The Queens College Art Center is a successor of the Klapper Library Art Center that was based in the Queens College Art Library’s gallery founded in 1960. With more than 200 exhibitions to date, it has shown masters like Alice Neel, Joseph Cornell, Elizabeth Catlett, and Henry Chalfant and introduced scores of artists from around the globe along with emerging artists who later went on to major careers.

The Art Center’s unique rotunda layout lends itself to a range of installation possibilities, allowing for entire exhibitions to be viewed as a whole, from any point in the gallery. To this end, the Art Center offers 3-5 free and public exhibitions per year, in partnership with the Kupferberg Center.


Kupferberg Center for the Arts and the Queens College School of Arts present:

“Latin American art is not just a written sentence: Diverse Perspectives and Powerful Expressions”

Queens College Art Center at the Benjamin Rosenthal Library

THU, SEP 14 – SUN, OCT 15, 2023
MON-FRI: 9am to 5pm, SAT-SUN: 11am to 5pm
Free and open to the public
Opening reception: THU, SEP 14, 5:30-7:30pm

Lyz Erika Torres Ramos – Art Curator
Laura Amaya – Designer and Producer

This exhibition presents a thought-provoking idea that goes beyond boundaries and challenges conventional perspectives. It brings together visionary artists from Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Perú, Mexico, and Chile who delve into the conceptual depths of Latin American artistry. Through profound narratives, symbolism, and conceptual exploration, this exhibition showcases a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, historical questions and personal experiences.

The featured artists in this exhibition offer diverse perspectives that defy traditional categorizations and invite viewers to reconsider preconceived notions. The artworks on display ignite dialogue, expanding our understanding of Latin American art and challenging preconceptions about “Latin” as a social and historical category. “Latin American Art is not just a written sentence” serves as a pathway rather than a manifesto, humbly shedding light on a process that has been shaping many geographies for a long time. Latin identity represents resistance as a way of life, a unique perspective, and a relationship with the world and others. This curatorial exploration transcends borders, offering an alternative lens through which to view an intriguing compilation of speeches and expressions. “Latin American Art is not Just a Written Sentence” encapsulates profound questions, bold political proposals, new definitions, and the power of creative thinking in Latin American art.